How Do We Go About Making Changes in a Church without Destroying the Church? An Interview with Dr. Ken Killen

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Is Change Necessary?

Yes, it is! Why? In both practical and theological perspective, the only immutable is God. But, everything around us, and we change!


What can change?

What can’t change?

What must change?

Before bringing the change, establish the truth.


What you’re changing fits with the category of the gospel?

Be ready and be able to present in non-threatening way – be gentle

Evaluate why churches are doing the way they are doing it.

Be relative; be salt and light.

Be flexible.

Establish in the minds of people that God is immutable and the anchor point.

Ask yourself – does it fit the parameter

For a church planter:

Be vibrant in relation with God

Know the Word of God

Know the people seeking you minister to

Have an answer for why are you doing what you are doing?

What to expect – opposition and resistance.

When making a change, go easy; do not surprise the congregation.