Scrivener: Will it work with Hebrew Text?

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Scrivener is one of the best writing programs available for those who love to write! There are many blog posts, and/or video tutorials about Scrivener, on what can be done with it, or how to do various things and so forth.

I love the fact how we can organize the material with folders, collections and gather research information, place it under the Research tab and so on! This really is a writing studio!

What I would like to share is some thoughts about Scrivener handling “Hebrew” language. I have been working on my dissertation, which includes a lot of Hebrew text. At first, I thought that Scrivener would not handle RTL languages.

Scrivener SS2

But, what I did was a very simple thing. I would simply change the keyboard input and type in Hebrew, or copy the Hebrew text and past it in the document. Once I finish working with Hebrew, then I would simply change the keyboard input and continue to type in English. After I am done with this part, then I would change the font for Hebrew text (I use SBL Hebrew).

Scrivener SS3

What I have noticed so far is that Scrivener can handle Hebrew text. It ‘may’ seem that it will not handle because of the text alignment/direction issue; or it may seem difficult at first, if changes are to be made for the text/word because of how/where the cursor is placed. But, it will work!

The problem with Scrivener and the Hebrew text is when compiling the document! Most schools require the students to turn in their papers in MS Word format. What happens is, the .docx format will change/flip the words/letters out of order. This can be very frustrating. Who would want to type/copy or paste the text again? If it is a word or two or few, then that may not be a problem, but if most of the paper is filled with Hebrew text, or any other RTL then it will certainly be a problem!

The solution I found (at this point), though not perfect, is to compile the document into RTF format. This way, you can open the document with LibreOffice, or Mellel or other programs that support RTL and edit.

Try it!

I hope that this will be a help!

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  1. Your example has a mistake in it!
    I compiled a macro that will switch the word order back, if you want it. The trick is that you need to put {{{}}} around all Hebrew and then erase it after the macro runs.
    Sarra Lev

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